Do you want to cuckold with your girlfriend or wife?

For some guys, a big turn on is the fantasy of watching their girlfriend or wife getting turned on or having  sex with another man. Cuckolding is the most erotic and kinky of the services I offer as an escort. It can bring couples closer together and can really spice things up!

If you both are experienced with cuckolding Just tell me what she likes, what turns her on, and how she likes being touched, and I’ll make sure you both get exactly what you’re looking for! Feel free to watch us together or join in the fun!

If you’re new to cuckolding and a little nervous, you could book me for a sensual massage to start with. You can then either leave it there, or take it further while you watch? Whatever type of Cuckold experience you’d like, message me and I’ll do my best to give you both the time of your life!

Please Note – I won’t accept bookings as a surprise for your Girlfriend / Wife. All people need to be aware of the situation before I arrive.

Roles & Scenarios.

If you have specific roles and scenarios you’d like me to take part in and play out, just tell me exactly what you’re after!

Some couples are a little hesitant about asking for what they want from a cuckold, so to put your mind at ease here are some examples of Cuckolding scenarios people have asked me to take part in.

  • Boyfriend wants to be tied up and forced to watch me make his girlfriend climax while she looks him in the eye! 🙂 Very kinky!
  • Guy likes to be humiliated while I have sex with his wife.
  • Husband wants to sit in the other room listening to his wife have an orgasm with me.
  • The husband loses to me at a game of poker and I win sex with his wife and he has to watch have sex with me.
  • Meeting his girlfriend at a bar and chatting her up then we go to her hotel room and start having sex and her boyfriend walk in to finds us and watches or joins in a threesome.
  • Wife wants to use a strap-on with both of us while watching tranny porn.
  • Girlfriend wants to play with two men and the same time with baby oil.
  • Girlfriend wants me to humiliate her boyfriend while I’m having sex with her!

It’s a genuine honour to be included & trusted in couples sex lives, and a real pleasure to help fulfill lifelong fantasies! So, whatever your fantasy is, let me know and I will bring it to life! I can either take the dominant lead or… you decide!